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Welcome to Controls UK

Alre, Stock Electronics (now M L Electronics) and more!
Including Alre and SEL* products we supply controllers for a wide range of applications.

*Stock Electronics was recenty acquired by M L Electronics. A number of models in the original range are still available and the most popular ones are shown here. If the one you need isn't listed - just contact us! If we can help we will!

Applications include heating and ventilation, refrigeration or air conditioning with a diverse range of equipment from individual room thermostats, fan speed controllers and flow switches to whole building management systems to ensure temperature, pressure humidity or flow can be controlled or monitored as required.

As a family run firm we will always offer that extra level of service and there are no minimum orders - if you require a single controller or a whole batch we will be happy to help.

Controls UK offers high-grade quality and the latest technology as well as:

  • Component Identification

  • Product Sourcing

  • Technical Expertise

  • Fast Responses

  • Credit card option for non account holders

  • Friendly staff!