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ALRE Flow Controllers/Switches Air or Liquid JSF, JSL, JSW

JSL -1E Wind Indicator Relay

JSL-1E (Plant Engineering)

Mechanically operated, for the monitoring of air flows in ducts, in air supply and air exhausting devices of fans or electrical heat registers.

The wind indicator relay is set to the minimum switching points at the factory. The switch-on/switch-off values can be increased by turning the inner screw clockwise. Fitting is done in the vertical paddle position from the top in a horizontal pipe/duct.

JSF - 1E ... 4E Liquid Flow Monitors

JSF Liquid Flow Monitors (Industrial Technology)

JSF-1E to JSF-4E. Mechanically operated. For the monitoring of liquid media in pipes from 1/2" up to 8" pipes or tubes such as in oil, cooling or lubricant circuits. Can also be applied as protection against the shortage of water.

Can be mounted in any position.

Not approved for drinking water applications.

JSW Flow Monitor

JSW 1/2, 3/4 and 1 Liquid Flow Switches with device plug (Industrial Technology)

For the monitoring of small and medium quantities of non-aggressive liquids in pipes with small diameters 1/2" - 1".

Installation is vertical in a horizontal tube. Not approved for use with drinking water.