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Universal Capillary Controller

Replacing the popular KR, LR and WR thermostats the brand new RTKSA range is full of innovative design features to create a versatile and modern product featuring fewer individual models but each one capable of a much wider range of applications. Full details available in the new Alre catalogue (available soon) but in brief:
Especially developed as a modern replacement for the well established KR, LR and WR range of Alre thermostats the controllers have a high switching power and can be connected to a 0.75 - 2.5 mm2 cable. Push-in terminals make for quick and easy electric connections and key features include:

* Available in 5 versions:
- temperature controller (external setting)
- temperature monitor (internal setting)
- thermal cut-out (internal setting with reset mechanism)
- safety thermal cut-out (internal setting with reset mechanism)
- safety temperature monitor (internal setting)

* Wide range of applications including:
- contact thermostat
- boiler thermostat
- ventilation thermostat

* Extendable capillary and wider temperature ranges greatly simplify and rationalise the number of different models required

* Transparent front cover for easy inspection and checking.

* Available with immersion sleeves, protection coils or pipe mounting (as extras) to further increase their versatility.

* Available with FOC mounting kits depending on application (again extras which have to be ordered separately)

Also available as a double controller - see separate news item.

Full details can be found on pages 160 - 163 of the new Alre catalogue or contact us now on:

Tel: 01282 433380

Email: info@controls-uk.co.uk